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Upcoming events at
Game On Cornwall


MON/WED/FRI - 4-6pm


Next meet : Nov 26th   

Join us, Critters and TTRPG lovers! We'll be welcoming Cornwall Critters to takeover HQ as part of the Coffee Conclave once again.

Venture in to meet up with Critical Role enthusiasts,  DnD lover and TTRPG players from across the Duchy. 
Gush about your favs and your OCs, over a delicious drink, in top-notch company. 

No matter who you are, all are welcome at Game On and the Conclave. 

Star Event :

Saturday 16th of December

Step into a pocket of enchantment at the Snowcrest Ball.

Immerse yourself this wonderous realm of winter intrigue, where Elves dance beneath twinkling lights, Spriggans guard the Winter treasures and Piskies prance about the light of the flame. Gather with us as we transform Game On Cornwall into a gilded woodland ballroom for an evening of mythical merriment. 
The Ball will feature seasonal music, games, dancing and non-alcoholic drinks, as we open the Game On Bar all evening.


Dress code is full medieval fantasy gown/suit/costume and will be enforced for the purposes of immersion. 

During the evening, we will crown the Snow Sovereign;an outstanding individual who shows commitment to their outfit, manners and propriety during the Ball. The Snow Sovereign will then receive prizes and boons befitting their regal station.

The spell is cast - let the magic begin!

The Snowcrest Ball is raising money for the True Butterflies Foundation. Your entry into the ball is a donation, which will be collected at the doors. Please give generously to this incredible charity.

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