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'Home to The largest
selection of TCG singles
in the Southwest'

Escape into TCG paradise,

with endless ranges of:

Booster Boxes


Starter Decks


TCG Accessories

Game On Cornwall has the South West’s largest selection of loose Pokémon cards, both English and Japanese, ranging from original base set cards to the latest sets!

We also stock an impressive selection of loose Yu Gi Oh! and Magic: The Gathering cards.

We buy your TCG cards & collections

We buy thousands of Pokémon cards a week, from collections that have been sitting in attics, cupboards and sheds for 20 years, to bulk cards from pack openings.


Every card has it’s value and we are here to help you get exactly the right price for your collection.

Our Pokémon Wizards are guaranteed to pay you the very best prices for all types of Pokémon, Yu Gi Oh! and Magic: The Gathering cards. In ANY condition and ANY language.


We provide free valuations on all your cards, with absolutely no obligation to sell. From £1 to £10,000, we are happy to purchase collections for cash on the spot, and you can even get our standard rates for bulk cards in shop credit instead!

You may be shocked at the value of your old collection.

let us see what we can do for you.
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