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Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a brand new player, there's always a seat for you in The Tabletop Tavern.


Game Master For Hire

Our in-house Game/Dungeon Master for hire allows you to enjoy a game without having to plan the story beforehand. Each session is crafted especially for you and your party.

Grand Magus Sean is a long time TTRPG Games Master, with years of experience in multiple games including : Victoriana, Vampire : The Masquerade, Dead Reign, Dungeons & Dragons and many more. 

Our GM is able to create custom plots and stories upon request. 


Game On Cornwall TabletopTavern

'The Sword & Squeak' Tavern

Our fully immersive TTRPG experience room – The Tabletop Tavern – is a one of it’s kind for the UK high street.

We have a passion for TTRPG’s, so we wanted to make a space unique & immersive, across many of the genres as possible.

What could be most inclusive among the genres, than a good ol’

fashioned tavern?

Whole Room hire - £10/hour

Room & GM – £50/2 Hours, £80/4 Hours

Game On Cornwall TabletopTavern

An Immersive Experience

Enjoy full access to the Tabletop Tavern :

- Dice sets (in custom 3D printed cases), a range of minis, DND books, dice towers.

- Prop books, canes, vintage tankards, pirate chest, bottles, mysterious artifacts and so much more.

- WiFi speakers for mood music & sound effects,

- Ambient WiFi bulbs within aged sconces,

- Large gathering table with built in monitor, for casting battle maps.

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